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Alien Labs begans specializing in breeding their own cultish cannabis flower in 2015. At one point, we believed in Alien Labs and even carried it on the menu. Over time we began to see the small brand everyone loved had become the thing we all feared— ‘big marijuana’. They are now the 800-pound gorilla in the room that bullies all the small guys and pushes people around.

As demand began to increase around the bay area, Connected (the parent company) began charging more for their flower…a LOT more. Nowadays, the wholesale price on Alien Labs eight jars is more than the retail price of many other brands. Is the flower that much better? No. It’s high quality stuff to be sure, but in California there’s no shortage of high quality flower. Whereas award-winning brands like Sovereign, LitHouse, Fig Farms and others sell eight jars for around $55, Alien Labs jars are approaching $80-$100.

It’s the Air Jordan business model—supply and demand. Create the demand through clever marketing and purposely keep the supply limited. It gets everyone whipped into a frenzy, and makes consumers think they’re missing out on something if they don’t spend the extra money.

Our sales rep from Alien Labs began letting us know the big accounts with the deep pockets were more important. The tone of the working relationship began to take on the feel of an abusive relationship. It became clear the days of Alien Labs being good stewards of legalized cannabis where we are cool to each other were over. Now it’s all about the money grab. As our Alien Labs rep put it, “if it’s a problem for you then maybe you should re-consider working with us.”

At Flowsent, we have an intention to promote smaller producers. We’ll continue finding diamonds in the rough and highlighting cultivators you want to know. Below are some side by side comparisons of Alien Labs with other flower that’s just as good for a lot less.

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  • Jacksonville Reply

    Alien labs ???? can’t wait to get my first order

    July 16, 2020 at 7:42 am

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