Alien labs top secret strains

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                         Alien Labs Top Secret Strains

Alien labs carts  we bringing you the versus version of the full production of alien labs strains of top secret stage.

It’s a top secret affair Also,  some crosses I know everyone has been waiting to try it out.

Further more,  we got the very incredible atomic chronic, some exquisite specimens of atomic apple x biscotti.

And a very special lemon fuel x biscotti, baklava x biscotti, krypto chronic x atomic Apple, Milky Way x planet dosi available at alien labs dispensary for alien labs wholesales.

Amazing shot of our Krypto chronic in all its glory.

I think this one is pretty underrated on our menu, it’s loved but this is a game changing flavor.

Not them ole gelato terps you’re used to but somethin different Also,  Fruiter, creamier👽👽🛸

This plant is proving to be an excellent parent also. Adding frost and terps to its offspring.

Couple new ones including area 41 x biscotti and the incredible 2face x gelato 41 👽🛸

More flavors, more experiences, more culture Moreover, couple new ones for this week are Area 41 x Biscotti and this incredible Gassy 2 Face x Gelato 41 alien labs carts.

Deep Face OFF OG terps with a hint of grape. Fix you got the Melonade biscotti and wedding cake. 👽🛸

Alien labs top secrets strains  hunts finally here at you door this biskante is special and we got a drop for

the whole state, alongside the incredible rosin that this strain also makes alien labs packaging.

First new alien labs strain we’ve added to our menu this year and a half, not for lack of trying, but everything needs to be a banger. Banger are rare.let’s get it alien labs 🚀👽.

Alien labs biskante has a gassy biscotti style terp with some added sweetness from the melonade, incredible flavor profile and some serious effects. You all will love it , passed the tests alien labs review.


As usual, Top secrets t-shirts for the first 40 people that buy our top secret alien labs strains.



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